Case Study

A Caring Pregnancy Center (ACPC)

We are a medical clinic that provides support, education and counseling to individuals facing decisions about sexuality, relationship, and pregnancy issues.
Pueblo, CO
Years In Business
  • Our appointment show rate went from 16% to almost 60% when we started using Text Request.
Case Study

ACPC is a pregnancy clinic that provides women with support, education, and counseling. Our job is to empower our clients by being available whenever they need us with compassion and truth.

At first we would call our clients to confirm their counseling and medical appointments, but we often ended up going to voicemail. It was clear talking over the phone was stressful for our clients, and they wanted to communicate with us in the simple and familiar way text messaging offers. It’s the language they’re used to speaking. Other healthcare providers use text messaging, and our clients expect us to as well.

Text Request gives our clients the power to reach us as soon as they need to, and in the way they most prefer. We advertise that they can "call or text’" on our social media and brochures. Plus we have the SMS Chat widget on our website, so they can reach us directly from our home and landing pages.

We use Text Request for everything from first point of contact, to medical follow ups, and appointment confirmations. Before we used Text Request, we had a near 16% appointment show rate. Now we’re closer to 60%. It’s also been a great way to send medical notifications, such as STI results, so clients don’t have to worry about calling or coming back in for them. And we’ve also used it a couple of times to ask for donations or event meetups by sending out mass texts to our entire list of donors.

It’s a method of communication that our staff are used to, and the dashboard is simple to use. We can always identify which clients have been helped, and know that our appointment reminders scheduled in advance will reach them even when we’re not in the office.

A lot of other medical centers use scripted autoresponses for everything, and that’s it. But Text Request lets us have that, plus the personal, one-on-one touch that clients want during a crisis. We use Text Request’s autoresponses, so clients know their message has been seen and that someone will get back to them as soon as possible. But we also schedule and confirm times to talk to them in person. It's a professional and personable platform that’s been great for opening the door with clients who have a hard time speaking over the phone.

Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for women who are going through a traumatic time, and Text Request helps us do that.

Chief Executive Officer
Tamra Axworthy

I have been the Executive Director and CEO of ACPC for eight years. I’m in charge of our amazing teammates, who are supportive, engaged, and passionate about what we do. My favorite part of my role is interacting with our donors and community as a representative of our center.

Fun Facts:
  • We recently opened a second building with two exam rooms and received our first 3D ultrasound scanning machine!
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