Case Study

Airstream of Utah

Airstream of Utah is a unique family-owned RV dealership in Salt Lake City. Our friendly and experienced sales, financing, service, and parts departments are ready to offer outstanding service at every point. We know the kind of freedom and adventure you’re looking for, and we value each opportunity to build long-term relationships with you.
Salt Lake City, UT
Years In Business
  • At one point our phone system went down, which would have crippled our dealership if we didn’t have Text Request. It really saved our bacon!
Case Study

Airstream of Utah was started because Dennis and Laura Decker (our owners and my in-laws) were searching for an RV of their own, and realized there was no Airstream dealership in the area. Dennis had owned a different dealership for over 20 years and saw an opportunity. They secured dealership rights soon enough and opened the doors to Airstream of Utah in February 2017.

It’s a family business, so naturally, the owners’ three sons (including my husband) joined the team early. I came on a few months later to lead the marketing. We definitely have a fun and unique environment. We bring our baby and Great Pyrenees to work every day, and Dennis and Laura bring their Bernese Mountain Dog. They mostly stay in the back with us unless customers want to play (which they often do).

With this kind of environment, it would be hard not to treat our customers like family. We work with them and try to fix their problems just like they’re one of us. That’s where Text Request has helped. We use it in all aspects of our sales and service departments.

The SMS Live Chat feature is a great lead generation tool. Customers often text in questions after hours that we’re able to quickly answer. It helps us start sales conversations much earlier in the buying process.

We also use Text Request to schedule service appointments, give updates, and notify customers when their vehicles are ready to be picked up. We’ve even used it to share pictures for warranties, estimates, and to get parts ordered. One time our internet went down - and our phone system with it. This would have crippled our dealership, but Text Request allowed us to keep our lines of communication open. It really saved our bacon!

Tiffani Decker
Marketing Manager

I joined Airstream of Utah as marketing manager shortly after the dealership opened. Before that, I worked as an executive assistant and marketing/event planner at an accounting firm in a nearby town.

Fun Facts:
  • Our families bring two dogs and a baby to work every day, so we have a uniquely family-friendly work environment.
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