Case Study

Amro Music Stores, Inc.

Amro Music was founded in 1921 by Mil Averwater. On his way to Los Angeles seeking fame and fortune, Mil stopped in Memphis, opened a teaching studio, and was among the first to offer jazz piano lessons. Amro has since grown into one of the largest musical instrument retailers in the United States, providing instruments and services to schools in seven states. We are also the Mid-South’s exclusive retailer for Steinway and Sons pianos.
Memphis, TN
Years In Business
  • We frequently order extremely specific parts for musical instruments. It’s great to have a picture texted to us to ensure we have the correct part.
  • We researched our options thoroughly, and could not be more pleased with the service and software from Text Request.
Case Study

As a family-owned business, I grew up working at Amro. My first position was sticking barcode labels and sweeping floors. Although my title has changed, I still do a lot of barcode sticking and floor sweeping!

My background is in business, with degrees in management and finance. However, the driving force behind Amro Music is the power of music. It’s a common language that brings out the best of us. Plus, the benefits for children on their cognitive development are like no other activity. It’s fun to work alongside passionate music educators to share the joys of music from others.

We specialize in serving the needs of school bands and orchestras across the Mid-South. Our goal is to assist musicians all the way from their very first note to later in life as they continue making music. That’s helped us create something unique.

Selling a musical instrument is pretty easy, but that’s just the starting point for our relationships. It’s our services that separate us from everyone else. We can help a director recruit, provide the necessary tools and resources to survive a school year, quickly repair a damaged instrument, and offer a step-up program for developing musicians. We enjoy the privilege of working with musicians every step of the way.

Text Request has really changed the way we interact with customers, and it has been fabulous! It started for us as a way to communicate with music educators. They can quickly text in an order or question, especially if they may be in a band room where it's difficult to have a conversation or with poor reception.

We’ve also been using Text Request to schedule and confirm instrument repairs, piano moves, and to communicate with prospective customers. It’s amazing how many customers want to communicate primarily through text, and Text Request has allowed us to meet that need.

We could not be more pleased with the service we’ve received from the Text Request team. As our needs have grown, they have helped us each step of the way. When we need to add another line, it can be done effortlessly. And they are constantly adding features to the software. We researched our options thoroughly, and could not be more pleased with the service and software from Text Request.

Nick Averwater
Band Department Manager

I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a BS in Business Management and an MBA with a focus in finance. I currently serve as the band department manager at Amro Music Stores.

Fun Facts:
  • In 1967, Amro Music sold an Epiphone guitar, chord cart, and guitar book to Elvis Presley.
  • We have the largest band instrument repair shop in the Mid-South, with 20 repair technicians repairing 13,000 musical instruments each year.
  • Amro Music has been recognized as a NAMM Top 100 dealer 8 years in a row, and for 4 consecutive years as a Commercial Appeal Top Workplace in Memphis.
  • During the school year, Amro’s educational representatives drive a combined 8,500 miles each week to provide services to local area schools.
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