Case Study

Blue Water Resort

Blue Water Resort is a family-owned campground, lodge, RV park, and marina located just outside of Chattanooga, TN. Our goal is to continue to provide a high-quality experience that keeps you coming for generations. We treat our guests like family, and that’s why so many of them come back year after year.
Dayton, TN
Years In Business
  • Text Request has significantly reduced our number of callbacks and voicemail while also making reservations easier to book.
  • In a word, it has made my life more efficient.
Case Study

Blue Water Resort has been family-owned since its founding in 1980. In fact, I got involved because my dad (Barron Wilson) had joined as Lodge Manager.

The phrase “once you’re at Blue Water, you’re family” is used a lot around here. I felt that before I even started working here, and I think that’s a big part of why our guests come back year after year.

Customer service is our number one focus, and that’s why we started using Text Request. I went through a lot of callbacks and voicemail with guests trying to confirm information and reservations. It was a hassle, and sometimes resulted in double bookings. Text Request fixed that problem.

Now I just send a text to confirm information, and guests will often text us to schedule their next visits, let us know which other guests are coming with them, etc. We also use Text Request to schedule and plan events around the property. It’s easier for us to coordinate who’s bringing what and when this way.

Text Request has been great for general guest communications, too. If someone’s boat is ready at the marina, for instance, we’ll text them a quick update. Text Request has made my life a lot easier! And much more efficient.

Rachel Wilson
Office Manager

I spent years working in the service industry as a waitress, bartender, and restaurant manager. I also worked with children at our local YMCA, and with special needs pre-K kids. I’d fallen in love with Blue Water Resort, and jumped at the chance to join the team when the opportunity opened up.

Fun Facts:
  • A group of men has come here to fish for a month every year for 30 years. They throw a fish fry for the entire resort every time.
  • Once you’re at Blue Water, you are family!
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