Case Study

Brainerd Baptist School

BBS is a non-denominational Christian school that provides an academically challenging program for students in Pre-K - 5th grade. Our approach, along with our teachers and curriculum, prepares students for the best prep schools in town, and ensures they excel once they get there. We’re proud to be one of the top elementary schools in Chattanooga, TN.
Chattanooga, TN
Years In Business
  • One year, the Valedictorians from 4 area high schools had all gone to BBS.
  • Even the headmaster jumps on Text Request to text with parents.
  • Our teachers often keep up with parents and students even after they’ve left BBS.
  • From a value perspective, Text Request has been a great choice.
Case Study

I was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN, and earned a degree in Management from Covenant College (which sits just outside the city on Lookout Mountain). I spent five years at the nearby Ringgold Telephone Company, and was thrilled for the opportunity to become Brainerd Baptist School’s Director of Information Technology.

The school’s mindset is to do everything we can for the children. As a father of three, that means a lot to me, and I’m glad to be a part of this mission. We’re also focused on creating the best experiences possible for students, whether that’s in academics, athletics, fine arts, or their spiritual development.

I think that’s why we have such good relationships with parents. They know day-in and day-out that their kids are loved. They know how much we care about helping them do well in classes and extracurriculars, and - just as importantly - how we’re preparing them to succeed once they’ve left BBS.

Often, our teachers and parents keep up with each other after their children have moved on. It’s not an obligation, they’ve just built really good relationships. That’s important to us.

We’re proud of the students and the community we’ve helped develop, too. A couple of years ago, four former students were Valedictorians at their respective high schools - in the same year!

When I first heard about Text Request, I was skeptical. We already had so many ways to communicate with parents - social media, email, phone calls, our student portal. But Brian at Text Request said “Just give it a shot.” So we did.

We were blown away by the reception!

Our parents have really taken to it. They have simple questions and updates all the time, and they don’t really want to wait for a call or email. They’ll ask questions like When’s soccer practice, or Where’s the back to school list? Or they might update us that someone else is supposed to pick up their child that day.

The backend dashboard makes it really easy for anyone on our staff to handle messages, and everyone has their own login. Our secretaries use it, I use it, even our headmaster jumps on from time to time.

We tell all our parents that texting us is an option. We also added the Click-to-Text button to our website, which makes it easy for parents to text us questions directly from our website - and they do.

One of our priorities is to foster relationships between parents and our staff. Text Request helps us do that - and it’s inexpensive. We’ve been using it for about three years, and from a value perspective it’s been a great choice.

Bradley Chambers
Director of IT

I joined BBS in 2009, after five years with Ringgold Telephone Company. I oversee all our tech efforts, including network infrastructure, end user devices, Renweb student database, and online enrollment. I earned a degree in Management from Covenant College. I’m married to Leah, and we have three children.

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