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Brand Journalists

Brand Journalists is the agency that franchise systems turn to for breakthroughs in franchise development. True to our name, we take a comprehensive approach to storytelling, and use each brand’s unique narrative to turn prospective entrepreneurs into thriving franchise owners.
Nashville, TN
Years In Business
  • One Saturday afternoon a prospect texted in, and that led to a 90-minute conversation. She’s now a franchise owner.
  • We tell all our clients they should be texting prospects with Text Request.
  • We don’t have to be in the office to use Text Request.
Case Study

I’ve worked in franchise development for over 20 years, and I’ve had fortunate opportunities to help great brands open new locations across the globe. That’s actually how I started working with Brand Journalists and our founder and CEO, Thomas Scott.

At the time, I was with a brand that was trying to expand out of Canada. I hired Thomas to help, and we grew that franchise from zero to 150 units! It was a great experience, and I brought Brand Journalists on at several other brands I worked with over the years. Then, in 2017, Thomas said they were looking for a development officer to spearhead their sales arm, and I jumped on board.

I’ve got a unique perspective because I was a long-term client with several brands before joining Brand Journalists as an employee, and there are a few things I can tell you we do differently.

First, we focus on a brand’s story. Every brand has a unique narrative - a background, a personality, a mission - and Brand Journalists does a fantastic job of telling those unique stories in a way that captivates prospective entrepreneurs and makes them want to learn more.

Second, we do more than just help a brand collect contact information. We’re lead generation experts, but our end goal is to help our clients’ sell healthy businesses. That’s why we put so much work into the entire sales process, from developing quality leads through converting them, and that’s where Text Request has been incredibly valuable for us.

Our clients expect us to help them with technology, and we tell all of them, “You should be texting! Why aren’t you using this service?” It plays a big role in our agency’s above-average success rates.

People are comfortable with texting, and they won’t answer phone calls, so Text Request helps us engage prospects throughout the sales and recruitment process with the smallest barrier to entry. It creates opportunities for brands to build trust and rapport with prospects by quickly and accurately responding to their questions.

The typical franchise development close rate is about 0.5%, but our average close rate through text is 3% - six times higher! Selling six times the number of franchise locations makes a huge impact on us and our clients.

David Sparks
Chief Development Officer

I’ve been in franchise development for over 20 years. I’ve been VP of development for several brands, and have worked with both domestic and international development. I joined Brand Journalists in 2017, and was thrilled to join the team after being a long-term client.

Fun Facts:
  • Several of Brand Journalists’ employees, including the founder and CEO, are former journalists.
  • We pride ourselves on focusing on the quality of leads a franchise gets, not just the number.
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