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Brown’s Insurance Agency, Inc.

Brown’s Insurance Agency is a family owned small business founded by William E. Brown in 1976. Currently owned by the second generation (Mr. Brown’s sons, Jeff & Mike Brown), the third generation is involved and planning to continue family traditions (Erika Killmon & Christine Brown). Brown’s Insurance Agency serves the insurance needs of individuals, families, and businesses throughout Virginia and many other states. Getting the right insurance protection, superior claim service, and ultimate convenience, all at the right price, can sound like a tall order—but we make it easy!
Manassas, VA
Years In Business
Case Study

I’m the daughter of one of the two owners of Brown’s Insurance Agency, Inc. and I have been with the agency since 2011. Working with family can be challenging for anyone, but we do a great job of playing off of each other's strengths and weaknesses and can easily come together to solve any problem.

My strength is that I’m good with technology and connecting with people, so I serve as our Marketing Manager. I focus on finding new ways to communicate with existing and prospective clients and getting them the information they need while making the process as easy and accessible as possible.

It’s important to me, and the rest of our agents, that we’re always direct in the way we talk with clients. At the end of the day, we’re a true family business owned by two brothers, and we want our clients to feel like family too. When we sell insurance, we are very honest about coverages we recommend.  If we recommend a coverage to a client, it is because we think they need it, not because we are trying to drive up the price (the majority of our employees do not work on commission).  I’m proud that we are focused on helping our clients make the best decisions they can while educating them about insurance.

For many years, the primary methods of communication that our agency used were phone and email.  In the past few years, I’ve noticed that clients often asked if we could text them.  While we did that occasionally, in order to document our conversations, we would have to screenshot each conversation, email them to ourselves, save them, and then attach them to the client’s file. This was ridiculously cumbersome.

I checked out some different texting platforms that could make this process easier. But when I went to ask for a second opinion from our website managers, they recommended I take a look at Text Request. Text Request was so much less expensive than the other options I had researched, and it came with no contracts. Our agency owners also loved that there were no setup fees, and it was something we could try without being locked into a year-long commitment.

I scheduled a demo the same day I looked Text Request up and was immediately sold! It was just ridiculously easy to sign up, and the setup was so fast.

My favorite part was that we got the option to text from our existing business number, so our clients wouldn’t need to remember (or save) multiple phone numbers. Text Request also saves and timestamps every conversation, so we can easily download conversations and get a PDF to attach to client files.

We primarily use Text Request to send clients reminders, like to finish their applications or to sign a form. Clients will also text us pictures of documents they’ve signed or photos of property or vehicles needed to document their file.

We’re finding that Text Request is especially great for customers who might be hard to reach via phone or email. It’s been amazing to send a message at 7 am, and get an immediate response (vs. the normal amount of days it would take to get a response to an email).

We’ve also discovered that leads or existing customers will text us, even though we haven't started advertising that we can text yet! They’ll text our business number to see if we’ll respond, and luckily we now can with Text Request. It makes me wonder just how many other companies are getting texts they don’t know about, and how they could also benefit from a platform like Text Request. People just assume they can text business numbers now and if that’s not true for your business, you could be missing out on leads.

At the end of the day, a huge chunk of people are just more inclined to text, and Text Request has helped us take advantage of that.

Christine Brown
Marketing Manager

I started in our agency’s personal lines department helping individual consumers with homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, personal umbrella/excess liability insurance, etc. before transitioning into marketing. I enjoy finding ways to better communicate with clients, as well as the relationships I’ve created in the process. My favorite part of the job is my ability to be creative in my new role as I build the agency’s presence on social media and search for new digital tools for us to use to make the customer experience a great one.

Fun Facts:
  • The agency has been in our family since 1976.
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