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Care Net Pregnancy Center of Milwaukee

Care Net Pregnancy Center is a faith-based ministry that provides free support to new and expecting mothers. We provide counseling, medical support, baby supplies, and emotional support to about 750 women a year across the Milwaukee area. We focus on helping women who have chosen to raise a family.
Milwaukee, WI
Years In Business
  • Text Request gives our clients a private way to communicate and get the help they need.
  • Text Request lets us send group messages while still maintaining confidentiality.
  • We love that we can text through our landline phone number.
Case Study

My background is in law - I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School and spent 11 years with a commercial law firm in Wisconsin. Along the way I came to love the work Care Net of Milwaukee does for the women of our area. Our organization sees a lot of women who choose life despite the odds against them, and we’re able to provide the support system they’re missing to help them through it.

Care Net is a faith-based pregnancy resource center that provides counseling, crisis services, as well as medical, emotional, and material support to expecting and new mothers. Being able to better support these women is one of the main reasons we started using Text Request.

A lot of the women we work with are teens and young adults facing an unexpected pregnancy. There’s a lot of fear and uncertainty, and it can be very intimidating to call for help or to visit in person. It’s much easier for them to reach out to ask for an ultrasound, for example, through text message.

Reaching out through text is also more private than a phone call. Our clients don’t have to worry about being overheard, but they still get the human interaction that’s crucial for these situations. We’re able to use Text Request with our existing office number, so clients can text us directly from our website, which is a great experience for them.

We offer Mom’s Groups and other support classes at Care Net, too. Before Text Request, we would call each of our current clients individually to remind them about class the next day. Now we just use the BCC group messaging. We send one text, which saves a lot of time and has been more effective, too.

Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm. That means there’s a lot of time when we aren’t in the office that the people we serve still need support. We’re able to provide after-hours support through Text Request, too, because we can respond to questions and concerns quickly through the mobile app.

Text Request definitely helps us provide more and better support, and we’re all thankful for it.

Rachel Schepp
Executive Director

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 2003, and spent more than a decade practicing commercial law. I came to love the ministry and mission of Care Net, and spent four years on the board before becoming Executive Director in 2015.

Fun Facts:
  • We are a free service that many mothers need.
  • We serve 750 unique clients a year.
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