Case Study

Citizens’ High School

Citizens’ High School is the nation’s 2nd oldest private distance education school. We provide adults and non-traditional students a quality high school diploma through distance education with a well-rounded academic foundation that leads to social and economic mobility.
Fleming Island, FL
Years In Business
  • A lot of our texting is inbound, students wanting to learn more about us. They love that they can text.
  • We use keywords to help filter our conversations and workflows.
Case Study

One of the skills I’m most proud of is my ability to build long-term relationships. That’s been helpful in my career, and it also makes working for Citizens’ High School both enjoyable and rewarding.

Citizens’ is an online, distance education school. We have programs and courses designed for adults in various life stages, non-traditional students, native Spanish speakers, and even for teen moms. We’re able to make a real difference in students’ personal lives while also setting them up to succeed in the workforce and in the classroom. That really drives my work.

I’m the director of marketing, and a large part of my job is helping prospective students understand what we can do for them and how to navigate the enrollment process. A lot of non-traditional students are searching online for answers, and I’m trying to make it easier for them to get those answers. That’s why we started using Text Request.

Everybody texts these days, and we found that was the easiest way for us to reach students, but we needed some way to manage it as a school.

We use Text Request primarily to follow-up with people who reach out for more information. Whenever a new contact (lead) is created in HubSpot (our CRM), we automatically send a text to that contact to start the conversation with our Student Services team. This has been an excellent inbound marketing strategy that allows us to connect with leads instantly and communicate with them via the method that everyone prefers most, which is texting.

We also use Text Request to let students text us from our website, and have keywords for “Enroll,” “Advisor,” and “Espanol” to help filter conversations to the right staff members. A lot of students would rather text, so they do. They think it’s awesome that they can text with Citizens’, and that makes it easier for us to provide value to them, too.

Desmond Williams
Director of Marketing

I’ve been the director of marketing for Citizens’ High School for about a year. Before that I earned a BS in Entrepreneurship from The Florida State University, spent several years as a high school football coach, and several more years in business development for various companies.

Fun Facts:
  • We’re the 2nd oldest distance education high school in the nation.
  • We have unique programs specifically for teen moms, African American studies, and native Spanish speakers.
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