Case Study

The Crash Pad

The Crash Pad is an uncommon hostel that combines the affordability and camaraderie of a traditional hostel with the charm and cleanliness of a boutique hotel. Our mission is to further establish Chattanooga as an ultimate outdoor destination by providing a base camp and community hub for adventurous travellers.
Chattanooga, TN
Years In Business
  • One time a guest got lost on a hiking trail, texted us for help, and I was able to guide her back through text and then pick her up.
  • Guests often text our front desk for questions about what to do (or how to get there) while they’re out and about in town
Case Study

I’ve had a passion for rock climbing for most of my life, and it’s played a major role in many of my life decisions. I eventually made my way to Chattanooga for the climbing and outdoor community, and when Max Poppel and Dan Rose told me about their Crash Pad, I knew I had to be a part of it.

The Crash Pad is an uncommon hostel. We take the camaraderie of a traditional hostel and mix it with the charm and cleanliness of a boutique hotel. We’re each in love with Chattanooga’s adventure community, and we’ve become a base camp for adventurous travelers taking advantage of all Chattanooga has to offer. That’s also what led us to Text Request.

One day I was trying to call and call and call this one guest, and I could not get them to answer. Corey (our assistant GM) whipped out his phone, texted them, and got a response almost immediately. That’s when we knew we needed something to manage texting. We found Text Request and have been using it for two years.

We wanted Text Request to confirm reservations - what time are you checking, checking out, etc. - and it’s helped that process a lot. But our guests love it because they can also text us for recommendations on what to do, for directions, and for all those other questions you have when you’re visiting a new town.

Text Request helps us run our business better. It also helps us provide incredibly personal experiences for all our guests, which is great for them and furthers our mission of being the go-to hub for adventurous travelers.

Jordan Haag
General Manager

I’ve always had a love of rock climbing, and that’s what ultimately brought me to Chattanooga. I’d spent seven years as a chef (in Indianapolis first, then Chattanooga), and couldn’t resist jumping on board with The Crash Pad when I found out what they were doing.

Fun Facts:
  • We combine the affordability and camaraderie of a hostel with the charm and cleanliness of a boutique hotel.
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