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FASTSIGNS helps businesses of all sizes raise their business visibility, reach more customers, and accomplish more than they ever thought possible. We provide insightful visibility strategies and planning, expert project services and execution, and a wealth of product solutions, from signs and graphics to digital displays and interactive tools.
Newark, NJ
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  • We have over 700 FASTSIGN locations, and Text Request makes it easy to stay in contact with each of them.
Case Study

I spent decades as a marketing consultant in the magazine industry, but as the market began to shift away from print I found myself drawn to digital signs. I wanted to try something different from consulting, and I wanted to run my own business where I could give a product that I designed to people. That’s what drew me to co-own FASTSIGNS with my wife. 

The first thing my wife and I noticed when we started was how our customers didn’t want to call or email us. In fact, whenever we finished a proof for a customer, they’d sometimes ask if we could send it to them by text instead. It’s just the way people prefer to communicate now.

I wanted to give my customers the ability to reach me the way they wanted, and that’s why I immediately jumped on Text Request when I saw their booth at a convention.

Now, my team uses the Text Request dashboard every day to send proofs and receive edit requests from customers. We love that we don’t have to use our personal phones and everything is all in one place. We just drag the images we need to send from our desktop and hit send. 

Text Request’s MMS messaging is ideal for our company, because when we send proofs to people who are on the road, we know they’ll still see it. The turnaround time is so much faster, and our team is able to get so much more done because of it! Our customers tell us that they love how they don’t have to make phone calls or check their emails.

We recommend Text Request to our other FASTSIGNS locations because it removes the downtime between waiting for a customer’s approval to update a project. 

Robert Acquaye

I’m a specialist in visual communication and sign making techniques for both static and digital sign creation. I spent decades as a consumer marketing expert in the magazine industry, after I graduated from the University of Concordia with an Economics degree in 1980. Now I use my hands-on practical expertise in planning, acquisition, and retention methods as the co-CEO of FASTSIGNS.

Fun Facts:
  • We pride ourselves in being a well-organized team that keeps our process straightforward and simple.
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