Case Study

Healthcare National Marketing, Inc.

Healthcare National Marketing, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Tom Lane, and provides top tier insurance solutions to over 90,000 members of the National Association for Medical and Dental. We specialize in dental and vision coverage, and handle all aspects of members’ plans, from sales to service to collections. To us, our staff is our most important asset.
New Port Richey, FL
Years In Business
  • We use Text Request in every facet of our organization
  • Group messaging has been a game changer for connecting with our 90,000+ members
  • We get new enrollments daily via text
Case Study

I started working with Healthcare National Marketing as an insurance agent. I was a corporate trainer for Continental Airlines and UPS before that. I enjoyed those jobs, but wanted more flexibility after having my first son. Healthcare National Marketing, Inc. provided that flexibility.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to see the company adapt and grow through our vision: To be a company that is respected, emulated, humble, and a true value to its clients, employees and communities. We achieve this through our most important asset - our staff - who reflect the deeply rooted principles of integrity, stability, and commitment to this vision.

As CEO, I’m thankful to serve our company as they serve our customers and provide the best service in the dental insurance industry! I love my job, and I think our community mindset is what makes us so great at what we do. We’re also a second chance employer, which has been great for the company, and has allowed us to create more opportunities for more people.

Healthcare National Marketing is the group administrator for the National Association of Medical and Dental, a member organization that offers benefits such as dental and vision coverage, among others. We provide insurance solutions for their 90,000+ members using large carriers such as Delta Dental, Renaissance, Solstice, MetLife, and Careington International. We handle every part of members’ plans, including marketing, sales, customer service, eligibility, billing, plan retention, and collections.

We use Text Request in each of these areas, too. We use it in our sales department to generate leads, in our customer service department for service and billing questions, and in our collections department to collect past-due premium.

Group messaging has been a game changer for our organization. It makes contacting thousands of people at a time easy with a simple message. We’ve seen great growth since using Text Request. No matter how big we’ve gotten, Text Request has always met our needs and never disappointed in ROI.

Sherri Paules

I’ve been married for 25 years, and have four wonderful sons. I became an insurance agent in 1987, joined Healthcare National Marketing in 1998, and worked my way up to CEO. I love working with our team, because they treat our company as their own, and that sense of community is what makes us great.

Fun Facts:
  • We’re a second chance employer
  • We’ve grown from 30 employees to 175 in the last six years, while maintaining a small company feel
  • We work closely with our company’s non-profit, SmileFaith, to provide dental care, food, clothes, and household items to our community.
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