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Houston Window Experts

We’re a family-owned, Houston-based window company. We value the things our clients value - honesty, integrity, doing what’s right and at a fair rate. We work with both new builders and homeowners who are remodeling. Our goal is to provide turn-key, holistic solutions that meet our customers’ needs, whether that involves brickwork, sheetrock, or any other work. We’re committed to being effective, efficient, and transparent.
Houston, TX
Years In Business
  • Customers expect a 3-star experience when working with contractors. Text Request helps us give them a 5-star experience.
  • With Text Request, we have a better success rate for both capturing leads and providing customer service
Case Study

I’ve been an entrepreneur and a salesman all my life. I’ve owned restaurants, a satellite installation company, and other businesses. In 2011, my wife and I opened Houston Window Experts.

We saw an opportunity to help people enjoy their homes more while saving money, and we had the skills to do it, so we got into the window installation and replacement business. We work with homeowners and builders in all stages - whether it’s new construction, modernizing an historic home, or anything in between.

Most of the time, people expect a 3-star experience when working with companies like ours. That’s why it’s our goal to provide a 5-star customer experience to everyone we work with.

Customers want to work with a company that’s effective, efficient, and transparent - someone who does what they say they’re going to do (and doesn’t charge a premium for it). So that’s what we do. This commitment has paid off really well for us. Actually, that’s how we got to work with ZZ Top.

They wanted to enclose their patio, but the project was so complex that they contacted Andersen Windows (one of the brands we use) directly to see who should do it. Andersen recommended us because of our proficiency and reputation as being great to work with. Text Request helps us build on this reputation.

We wanted to offer the best customer service, even at 8:30 at night, but we didn’t want to use chat bots or a call center. We wanted a real person providing a personal touch, so we found the best service to help us do that.

With Text Request, we now have a way to wow our customers. They see it on our website and think, “Cool, I can text them!” It’s a convenient way for them to ask questions and get answers in real-time, and it’s a great way for us to see if they’re a good fit for our company. We also use Text Request to schedule appointments, generate leads, and thank our customers for working with us.

Since using Text Request, we’ve had a better success rate for both capturing leads and providing service. We’ve even used Text Request to make appointments without ever talking on the phone.

Text Request is a way for a guy like me - a mom and pop organization - to have the tools that only big companies traditionally had access to, and to be able to do everything better as a result.

Jeff Ludy
Founder & Owner

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life. My first business was selling worms for five cents a can to fishermen at the river close to my house (I was six). Since then I’ve always been in some sort of sales role. I’ve owned restaurants, a satellite dish installation company, and I started Houston Window Experts with my wife in 2011.

Fun Facts:
  • Our two supervisors have a combined 60+ years of experience
  • We’ve done two jobs for ZZ Top
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