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La Paz Chattanooga

La Paz Chattanooga is a nonprofit organization that offers social services, case management, community engagement, and professional development for Chattanooga’s Latinx and Hispanic community. We continuously support efforts to make Chattanooga a more inclusive city.
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Years In Business
Case Study

I was born to immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic and lived in the D.R. for six years. Because of this I’ve always been extremely passionate about Latinx advocacy and empowerment. Helping our Latinx and Hispanic population use their own voices to move forward in a country that isn’t their home land is an important mission that I’m proud to be a part of at La Paz.

A lot of our clients don’t have emails and aren’t allowed, or don't feel comfortable, to take phone calls at work. We’ve also found that social media is an unreliable way to communicate with them.

We needed a straightforward way to send our clients updates about programs they’re participating in, law changes, or services they’ve requested—and that’s why we chose Text Request.

Text Request is an easy way to communicate with our clients to answer their questions and set up appointments in a way that is most convenient for them.

My favorite feature of Text Request is being able to create groups so we can organize our constituents into categories. For example, we have our social impact constituents and business development compañia members all in one group, so only certain information goes to them. This makes it way easier to send separate reminders about professional development workshops, networking lunches, or jobs opportunities we can provide for them.

The communication Text Request allows us to have with Chattanooga’s Latinx and Hispanic community is incredibly impactful because we’re able to disseminate information very quickly to a mass audience. Our clients also feel so much more comfortable texting because they already text all the time in their daily lives.

Companies that are looking into Text Request should know that it’s incredibly malleable to what every organization needs. If an organization is having trouble with communication or marketing, Text Request is great because you can’t always trust that someone will see your social media, emails, or print marketing—but you can trust that they’ll see a text on their phone.

Lily Sanchez
Communications Coordinator

I’ve always wanted to work with nonprofits, and La Paz is a perfect fit because I’m Latina and Hispanic. While I was earning an English degree at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, I volunteered at La Paz before eventually moving on to work there full-time once I graduated. My own mission and values perfectly line up with La Paz’s, and I feel incredibly lucky to have worked here since 2017.

Fun Facts:
  • For the majority of La Paz’s existence, we’ve been in the Highland Park area of Chattanooga.
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