Case Study

LGC Hospitality

LGC Hospitality began in 2003 in Indianapolis, and now has 32 locations across 20 states. We specialize in hospitality staffing for the tourism, restaurant, and hotel industries. Our mission is to ensure a positive experience for both candidates and clients by going above and beyond the expectations they have of staffing firms, and by building long-standing relationships with them.
Portland, OR
Years In Business
  • Filled an entire home opener for the Portland Timbers in 4 hours with Text Request
Case Study

I started working at LGC in 2006, three years after the firm opened. I was fresh out of school from Portland State University, and had fallen in love with hospitality. LGC was - and still is - a great fit.

Later, I had the opportunity (and challenge) to open an office in Cleveland from scratch. It went well, and I’ve gotten to do the same thing in Cincinnati, Columbus, Lexington, Portland, Seattle, and San Jose. Now I’m a part owner in the company, and a regional VP.

Day-to-day I focus on sales, client relationships, and general office management. My goal is to drive growth for the company, which has worked out well, because both our candidates and our clients are great to work with.

One of the big things that helps us stand out and succeed - aside from the great work environment - is that we focus on just hospitality staffing. We work with hotels, corporate dining companies, country clubs, hospital food services, special events centers, stadiums, caterers, schools, and others in the same vein. We found our niche, and we’re able to deliver results because of it.

Every day at LGC, we’re striving to connect the right employees with the right employers. We go above and beyond the expectations most have of staffing firms, because we’re focused on building (and keeping) long-standing relationships with the thousands of candidates and hundreds of clients we work with. Text Request helps us do this.

We need to vet lots of applicants, fill positions, and do it all quickly. That’s gotten a lot easier (and faster) with Text Request. For instance, we just filled every position for the home opener at the local soccer stadium in about four hours. Normally that would’ve taken four-to-five days. We’re able to do this across the nation.

When we need to fill openings, we send out a text to all our contractors in that industry and location. Jobs go to the first responses, and the process is very smooth. We also use Text Request for recruiting. People send in their applications, and we’ll text them to come in for interviews. It all works well.

Jaime Horning
Regional VP & Member

I graduated from Portland State University in 2006 with a double major in Business and Communication, and a minor in Hospitality. I started at LGC right out of school, focusing on sales and customer relations, and I’ve opened seven new LGC offices around the country.

Fun Facts:
  • We’re one of the largest hospitality staffing firms in the country
  • We’ve been listed on Inc.’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies list several times
  • We hit $50M in sales last year, and expect to double in the next 2-3 years
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