Case Study

Loud Rumor

Loud Rumor is a fitness studio advertising agency. With so many moving parts in running a successful fitness studio, we are one of the most extensive resources for studio owners and their staff to learn the in’s and out’s of growing their studios, from presale and marketing to hitting membership capacity and opening new locations!
Scottsdale, AZ
Years In Business
  • We've gotten a 2600% response rate increase on our website using Text Request's SMS chat feature vs. email forms.
  • Consumer requests to join our lead nurture tool on Facebook increased by 304% when we sent invites via text vs. email.
Case Study

I started at Loud Rumor three years ago as an Account Manager. My goal was to help our fitness studio clients increase their number of members by creating paid ads for their studios across different social media platforms. 

My favorite part of working at Loud Rumor is finding the newest and hottest platforms to drive leads for our clients. Our team has a saying, “What got us here isn’t going to get us to the next place,” and so we’re constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to generate business for fitness studios. 

After I was promoted to Partner Manager, finding fresh lead generation tactics through partnerships became my new goal. Our customers were always asking me, “What are some good texting platforms I can use to communicate with my members and leads?” So I contacted a few of our clients who were texting members to see what softwares they were using, and they introduced me to Text Request.

I reached out to Text Request from their website, using their SMS Chat, and we set up a time to talk. From that conversation alone, I decided to add Text Request as a partner, because the SMS Chat was such a powerful lead generation tool.

We’ve been partners with Text Request for a year now. They’re regular vendors at GSDCON, our annual convention, and value helping fitness studio owners become better marketers and increase their sales as much as we do.

We direct our clients to Text Request, so they can grow and scale their business. Not many fitness studios have a way of staying in contact with their members, and if they do it’s from their personal phone. Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and Text Request helps our clients stay in touch with them in a more professional and convenient way. 

We love the customer support that Text Request provides so much that I chose for Loud Rumor to become a customer when I took over as a Partnerships Manager. We primarily use Text Request for lead generation. When a lead opts-in to learn more about what Loud Rumor has to offer, we send automated texts through Text Request letting them know. It’s significantly helped our contact rates, plus given us a way to send out promotions for our virtual training courses. 

The customer support is non-stop, and as soon as we signed up, we got an account manager who followed up on every single question I had. There was even one time when I needed to send out a mass communication to all of our members, and when I reached out to the Text Request support team at 8:30 p.m. they got back to me within five minutes to show me step by step how to do it. 

The absolute necessity of having a good texting software is why Loud Rumor is both a partner and client of Text Request. Text has a night and day open rate compared to other communication channels, which is why consumers prefer it. 


Patrick Cundiff
Director of Marketing

I worked for, a sports agency in San Diego, until my wife and I decided to start a family in Arizona. I found Loud Rumor through their paid ads and automatically fell in love with the strong culture they had. With over eight years of experience in advertising, I pride myself in working with Loud Rumor to help fitness centers all over the world get more members. Our team at Loud Rumor has a killer work ethic that has encouraged me to climb the ladder from Account Manager to Marketing Director.

Fun Facts:
  • Our team writes down our goals every day to drive personal growth and best help our customers.
  • We offer free Loud Rumor virtual training courses to anyone who is interested in growing and scaling their fitness studio.
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