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Ohio Property Group, LLC

Ohio Property Group is a Realtor team that does everything a traditional real estate company does to sell your home. Only instead of charging you a percentage of your final sale price, we charge a flat fee based on the services you choose. You can sell it, and we can help you do it at a price that only covers what you need!
Findlay, OH
Years In Business
  • My team generated $7,000 to $8,000 in new revenue within the first 30 days of using Text Request!
Case Study

I started Ohio Property Group in the 2000s after deciding that I wanted to branch out from retail store management roles and be my own boss. My wife and son have both joined my team since then, and together we have over twenty years of experience in the field. 

We stand out from our competitors in that we let our sellers choose which parts of the selling process they want to control, while we take care of everything else for a flat fee. Our philosophy at Ohio Property Group is that sellers can be just as competent as real estate agents (who don’t know the house and area as well as the sellers). Yes, there are times when the sellers need some expert advice, but I’ve had hundreds of deals come together over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table without a real estate agent in sight. 

Despite this, we have clients who question whether or not they can do most of the selling on their own, and that doubt can keep them from committing to our services. We needed a way for these clients to easily reach out and learn more about us, but none of them were calling or emailing us. I wanted to get a chatbot on our website to encourage these leads to reach out, but the more I looked into chatbot options the more I realized how inefficient they are. 

I wanted something with a human touch, which is how we stumbled across Text Request. We were immediately drawn to their SMS Chat because of how user-friendly and welcoming it is. Our customers want to know if we’re the real deal, and Text Request helps us bridge that gap of uncertainty by allowing us to communicate with customers in a way that is familiar and human. 

We originally intended Text Request to be a tool we would use to identify prospects, but now our current clients are also using it to reach us, and it's giving us a way to cement our relationships with them. They can reach out at any hour and we get notifications in several ways. That way, no matter who is working, we can respond to customer requests quickly from any device. 

Our business comes from referrals and repeat businesses, so providing a great customer experience with Text Request has improved our business in ways I never anticipated. Text Request is both a sales and support tool that helped us generate an additional $7,000 to $8,000 in revenue within the first 30 days of using it! I’m convinced that we would not be converting these prospects without Text Request.

It’s the best customer experience I’ve ever had with a tech company, after being left disappointed by so many others who didn’t have the patience to continue helping us after my initial purchase. Text Request’s onboarding was fast, easy, and they still continuously check back in to see if we need any additional help with their software. The Text Request team is flat out amazing.

Don’t pigeon-hole what Text Request can do for your business. It’s helped us wow our customers in a way that takes them from general interest to total trust!

Glen Whitten

I spent a little over a decade in management roles for big-box companies, before deciding to become a licensed realtor in the mid 2000s. My 20 years of experience in real estate have taught me that one size does not fit all, and I pride myself on giving sellers an option to only pay for what they need!

Fun Facts:
  • We’re a first-generation family business.
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