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Online-Access is a web marketing company run by contractors for contractors. We love learning what makes each of our clients special, so we can help them sell their story. Not only do we understand marketing, web design, and search engines, we also cater to the specific needs of contractors. We're fully up to speed and ready to come to the table with field-tested content, tools, and ideas to save you time and effort.
Port Huron, Michigan
Years In Business
  • We use Text Request as our office chat.
  • Text Request allows our clients to send and receive pictures.
Case Study

Online-Access was first started by our owner, David Squires, who is a 30 year veteran of the heating, cooling, and contracting industry. After he realized there was no other software that let you, as a contractor, decide how your company’s website should look, he created our PagePilot web generation system, a package that helps contractors create websites that actually work without breaking their wallets.

Now, Online-Access is one of the few web generation companies solely dedicated to serving HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors. We provide an affordable way for you to harness advanced data, communication, and marketing technologies.

Our ultimate goal is to help our customers retain and maximize a lifetime client base—which I get to contribute to as the leader of our customer support team. I love our company because the work we do is very much relationship-based. We care greatly for and relate to our customers because they are doing work we used to do.

Online-Access's unique perspective is based on first-hand experience, so we know that relying on phone tag and email isn’t enough to keep clients engaged anymore. That’s why we added more value to our service by using Text Request to set up communication lines for our customers.

Several of our clients actively use Text Request as a live chat and to send mass messages to contractors. They love using Text Request, and its tutorials and videos make learning the software easy. We seek to provide our customers with everything they need in a flexible and customizable structure—which is exactly what Text Request offers.

Mitchell Ortenburg
Customer Support Manager

I started at Online-Access in 2013 as an entry level customer support rep. Now, I’m the manager of our customer support team, and I love overseeing the great work our team does. I like wearing different hats, so I also manage our chat program and specialize in SEO.

Fun Facts:
  • We’re the oldest company in the web generation industry that specializes in the HVAC and plumbing.
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