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Pure Barre Chattanooga

Pure Barre is made up of determined athletes, influential teachers, mothers, daughters, glass-ceiling breakers, 9-5 grinders, caretakers, inspirations, survivors, and risk-takers who are all working toward a common goal of supporting one another and becoming better versions of ourselves. Let the power of Pure Barre transform your body and mind.
Chattanooga, TN
Years In Business
Case Study

I originally worked in marketing for several years before deciding to move back home to the Atlanta area and work for Pure Barre. Once I started working there, it quite honestly changed me. There’s nothing like it I’ve ever experienced before.

Pure Barre is a health and fitness studio that focuses on barre exercises with isometric movements, pilates, and some yoga. We isolate a muscle, then work it to fatigue, stretch, and repeat. Because we stretch after each section, you’ll get longer and leaner muscles.

The Pure Barre technique will get you hooked, but it’s more than a workout. Pure Barre is a community of women to support you each and every day. That’s pretty special - the community is what keeps everyone coming back.


In 2015, I moved to Chattanooga and started working at both Pure Barre locations here. I’d known I wanted to own my own studio since I discovered my passion for Pure Barre shortly after starting in Atlanta. Soon after moving to Chattanooga, I purchased the North Shore and East Brainerd locations.

We LOVE Text Request. We use it to follow up with clients about their packages (how many pre-paid classes they have left), and to create group messages about specials or different class offerings we may have. Clients can text us if they’re running late, need anything, or just to say “hi!”

I love having the opportunity to serve my community and change lives every day at PB Chatty! Text Request helps me do that. #yesyoucan

Tiffany Jodice
Franchise Owner

I started working at Pure Barre in the Atlanta area in 2013. Before that, I spent several years in marketing. I quickly learned Pure Barre was my passion, and in 2015, came to Chattanooga to work in (and later purchase) two studios. I love the opportunity to serve my community and change lives every day at PB Chatty!

Fun Facts:
  • Our studio pup is named Tucker (because we tuck in Pure Barre)
  • We are 100% women owned and operated
  • We're all a family, which is pretty special
  • Instructors sometimes have studio dance parties between classes
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