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R&A Marketing

R&A Marketing is a full-service furniture advertising agency. Since 1984 we’ve been helping independent furniture and mattress retailers of all sizes create advertising campaigns that produce real results. We want to be part of your business family. We wake up every day concerned about your business and growth, just as you do.
Columbus, OH
Years In Business
  • Some of our clients have seen a 62% increase in response rate with texting!
Case Study

R&A Marketing is a second generation advertising agency. My father started the company in 1984, and my brother and I purchased the company from him in 2011. Together we have 34 years of experience helping furniture retailers all across the country drive sales by making their advertising come to life.

My favorite part of what we do is working with an awesome team of people who take furniture retailers from where they are, to where they want to go. We are a full-service agency, so we don’t specialize in just one thing. Our primarily female team is unique and powerful. We’re not a title oriented company and everyone is considered the “owner” of the role they do at the agency. I love how all our skills come together to help a client see an increase in sales.

Our primary goal is to help our clients drive conversations and conversions from their website—because regardless of the industry you’re in, the consumer always searches online and visits your website first. We wanted a way to help our clients welcome these customers to their websites the same way they would be greeted at the store, which is why we looked into SMS. 

Having a visitor be able to text you directly from your website is vital to converting them into customers. They can start a conversation with you right away, rather than just skimming through your website and never finding a next step. That’s why we started looking for a texting partner who could help us give our clients the tools to text from their website.

Text Request stood out to us as a texting partner because of their SMS Chat widget. Our clients use it to carry on a full conversation or to set up appointments with the customers who visit their website.

Text Request is also a partner who gives the same level of service that we give to our customers every day. They fit into the mold of what an independent, mom and pop furniture retailer represents—personable and friendly. The folks at Text Request always answer, respond quickly, and are easy to talk to. 

We set up the textable numbers for our clients, do a quick demo, install the SMS Chat widget, and then Text Request takes care of the rest. Some of our clients have seen a 62% increase in response rates compared to their original email contact forms since texting, and 53% of the texts our clients receive are product and pricing inquiries. 

Having Text Request has also been a godsend during the COVID-19 pandemic. Texting increased by over 1000% across all of our clients while storefronts were closed during the first wave, because it was an easier way for them to communicate with leads. That fast communication significantly helped our clients, and we’re happy to say all of them were able to successfully make it through the first wave of the pandemic. 

We live in a world where texting is a required tool. Texting is how everyone communicates and connects—whether you’re 70 years-old or 8 years-old.  There’s no training or talent required, and every consumer automatically knows how to do it. Text Request just makes it easy to handle all the nuts and bolts that make managing texts easy and professional.

Kevin Doran

I graduated in 2010 from Capital University with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. From there, my brother and I purchased R&A Marketing from our father. We are 100% client focused and love helping independent, mom and pops compete with big-box stores. For me, the “why” and the need is different for every retailer, but the one thing that always binds us together is the common goal of success.

Fun Facts:
  • Our team is almost entirely female.
  • We paused all of our advertising fees in May to help our clients during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic until they were able to safely reopen again.
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