Case Study

Signature Bail Bonds of Tulsa

Signature Bail Bonds is a family owned bail bonds provider in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Our company was founded, and has grown, around the concept of helping others. Each member of our team has the experience and the heart needed to help you or your loved one through the bail process.
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Years In Business
  • Our inbound conversations have doubled since using Text Request’s SMS Chat
  • Texting creates a more positive and memorable experience for our customers
Case Study

My wife Sandie and I started Signature Bail Bonds of Tulsa in 2011. I’d actually gone to school to be a nurse but had been working as a bondsman for several years when the opportunity to start SBB came. I’ve always been a bit of a risk taker, so we jumped at the chance. I’m glad we did.

We’re a family business, and that shows in our customer interactions. We actually do care about the people we work with, and about helping their families through what is normally a tough process.

You never want to need a bail bonds agency, but our goal is to make the experience as pleasant as it can be - and as smooth. That’s probably why most of our new customers come as referrals from families we’ve worked with before. That’s also why we started using Text Request.

We have to follow up with customers to get all the information needed to issue a bond. People ignore emails and calls, but they always see a text. Now it’s really simple for us to connect with customers.

It’s also really simple for them to reach out to us, and for us to respond quickly with a personal touch. In fact, since using Text Request’s SMS Chat feature, our number of inbound conversations has doubled (compared to the online chat option we were using before). That’s been great for sales!

We’re able to text using the same landline phone numbers we’ve always had, so we haven’t had to rebrand anything. And multiple people in the office can see past conversations with any contact, which makes it easy for different agents to keep up with the same person.

We use Text Request for every step of the bail bond process, even asking for reviews at the end by text. Our goal is to provide great experiences for people going through tough times. Text Request definitely helps us create easier, more memorable experiences for everyone involved.

Steven Fletcher
Owner & Agent

I went to school to be a nurse, but I’ve now been in the bail bonds business for 13 years. I founded Signature Bail Bonds in 2011 with my wife Sandie. I also started Net Solutions Today, a web design and marketing services company, in 2013.

Fun Facts:
  • Most of our new customers are referrals from past customers
  • What makes us different is how much we care about the people and families we work with
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