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STOR-N-LOCK Self Storage

Our slogan is "Storage Made Easy!" We do that by offering convenient access hours, professional managers, online rentals and payments, moving supplies onsite, moving carts at many locations, and offering specials like "One Month Free" on select units and moving truck rebates. All of these things work to make your moving and storage experience as convenient as possible.
Over 20 locations in Utah, Colorado, California, and Idaho
Years In Business
  • We’ve increased our amount of reviews by 58% using Text Request.
Case Study

I love helping businesses get more customers through their websites and finding new, innovative ways to share a company’s message. That’s actually what led me to STOR-N-LOCK.

Right now, STOR-N-LOCK’s big emphasis is on spotlighting our customer service. Our managers are not just a revolving door, some of them have been with us for decades, and our customers know them on a personal level. So when people call our stores, they reach a voice they know. It’s a personal touch that sends our customer service to the next level.

We needed a way to showcase our customer service, but didn’t have a streamlined way to gather customer reviews. We tried using emails and print posters to request reviews, and weren’t getting the results we wanted. That’s why we started using Text Request. 

We have our Text Request dashboards set up at all twenty-two of our stores, and we have message templates set up that include images and encourage customers to leave a Google review. Each STOR-N-LOCK manager sends these messages while the customers are in the store with them. Text Request makes that process simple and efficient. It’s as easy as typing the customer’s number, selecting the template, and clicking send. Seconds later the customer gets the ding on their phone and they leave us a review. The best part is it’s easy for both us and the customers!

We’ve increased our amount of reviews by 58% using Text Request, and we’ve noticed more people are looking us up through Google Maps and Direction Request. 

The average local business has 39 Google reviews, but with Text Request’s help STOR-N-LOCK’s average number of reviews has reached 170 per store!

Matt Casady
Marketing Manager

I started in sales at Bluehost Web Hosting in 2011, where I sold SEO services. From there I moved on to work at a SEO agency, then eventually found my way to an in-house role at STOR-N-LOCK as a Marketing Manager. I love how my role allows me to be creative, think outside the box, and stretch my analytical skills.

Fun Facts:
  • 95% of our reviews are four and five stars.
  • We’re set to hit 2,000 customer reviews by the end of 2020!
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