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StudioPOP is a CYCLE+ studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. CYCLE+ refers to our signature class model, which includes 30 minutes of cycling plus 15 to 30 minutes of yoga, strength, or core workouts. We love offering the intense, sweaty fun of rhythm-based cycling to create change in our clients’ bodies, minds, and hearts!
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Years In Business
Case Study

It’s fun to see the impact fitness has on peoples’ lives. All day long I get to watch people walk into my doors with a smile on their face and be a part of the connections they make with other members in the class.

There’s just a certain magic that happens at the studio when people drop down their walls and sweat together during a solid workout. Members will come into their first class by themselves, quickly begin making friends in the studio, start coming in with them or hanging out afterwards, and then all of a sudden they’re so close they’re going into business together! It’s unlike anything else!

To keep fostering those connections, I needed a way to keep in touch with my members. In the past I used email, but it just wasn’t personable or engaging. I needed a communication channel that had the same energy as my classes—fast and fun. So, I started using Text Request, and immediately got the speed and connections I was looking for.

Right now I primarily use Text Request for reminders. Every Sunday around 7 p.m., I send a group text asking members to book their classes for the week. Within thirty minutes the slots always start filling up. It’s crazy!

The message templates are my favorite feature, because they save me so much time. I have several different ones prepared, and I only have to spend a few seconds each week tweaking them for my group messages.

With Text Request I know I can always keep my members connected. It’s an awesome, quick way to stay in touch!

Abbie Peraza

I worked in corporate marketing for 17 years, but had always wanted to open my own business in the fitness and wellness industry. So, I ended up creating an exit strategy from that corporate marketing job, which included two goals—start a business that played a part in making downtown Tulsa a fun and exciting place to be, and earn back my salary in two years. Now, here I am three years later, and I love the positive space I’ve created for people to come and have a great time!

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