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Two Men and a Truck Chattanooga

Two Men and a Truck is a local and long distance moving company that aims to take the stress out of any type of relocation. We manage all the details that tend to cause the most anxiety during a move, so you don’t have to. Our services are always tailored to your specific needs, so you’re ready to walk into your new home and start living.
Chattanooga, Tennessee
60 to 80 (depending on the moving season)
Years In Business
Case Study

Two Men and a Truck was started in the early 80’s by a single mom and her two sons. We help our customers with everything from packing to unloading, and we take pride in making annual donations of more than $3 million across our franchise to different groups of people in need.

Spring, summer, and early fall are our busy seasons. During those months, we usually have 20 to 22 trucks running constantly. We also have a ton of seasonal charities that we participate in. In the winter we do a drive to collect warm clothes for local homeless shelters and soup kitchens, and on Mother’s Day we help single moms get back on their feet through the donations we collect for our Movers For Moms event.

We have so many customers reach out to us for quotes and estimates every day, but it’s hard to follow up over the phone to work out details and close deals when our customers are at work or with their kids. That’s why Text Request is a huge part of sales at our Chattanooga office. 

Being able to send customers a quick text to ask them when they’re available, or if they still need more time to review an estimate, really helps us do what’s best for our clients. We’re also able to immediately let them know when we have discounts and promotions with group texts.

My favorite feature of Text Request is the ease of use. When I log in, everything is right there and ready for me to use. It’s not complicated at all, and I never feel like I’m staring at numbers with no clue what to do. Everything from the customer’s name, to the time the text was sent is clear and easy to locate. Text Request is user friendly, and it allows us to help our customers faster.

Katherine Mercer
Sales & Marketing Leader

I was a student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga when first I found out about Two Men and a Truck through the school’s online job app. Now, I’ve been at Two Men and a Truck for five years and love organizing the fun events and drives our company hosts.

Fun Facts:
  • We’ve also raised donations and supplies for dog shelters during our Movers For Mutts charity event.
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