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Wood Renewal of DFW, Inc.

Wood Renewal of DFW, Inc. is a part of the N-Hance franchise network, which provides innovative and affordable cabinet and floor refinishing services that fix up your wood cabinets and floors—without the dust, inconvenience, and noxious fumes associated with traditional refinishing methods. Our efficient process makes it so there’s no reason to wait to refinish the beautiful wood in your home!
Coppell, TX
Years In Business
Case Study

I worked in real estate for 22 years before wanting to try something different where I could be my own boss. My background was in single family residential properties that needed to be renovated, so it was no surprise when I started looking at franchises and was immediately drawn to the residential arena. I am no stranger to renewing wood, and I’m glad it was the vehicle that got me into franchising. 

My favorite part of my job is seeing how happy the customers are after we renew their floors and cabinets—especially when it involves a major color change. It’s amazing how such a small tweak can change an entire kitchen for the better. My team and I are proud of the work we do, and our customers always compliment us on our excited, positive attitudes. We pride ourselves on being someone they want and trust in their homes.

Our process is superior to what any regular painter can offer, but the majority of people don’t know that. So when a potential customer contacts me for a renewal, I need to reply first or they’re going to move on to a painter who won’t treat their wood the proper way it's supposed to be. That’s why I started looking into texting potential customers. 

From the marketing research I’d done, I knew that texts have a much higher rate of being seen first than a call or email. I just needed a way to send messages to multiple customers at the same time, which is what led me to Text Request. 

Text Request made it easy to transfer and save all of the message templates I was already using into one, convenient space. Text Request also allowed me to make groups for all my Home Advisor, Home Depot, and general internet inquiry leads. 

I don’t want to write 60 different texts, plus manually enter every contact that needs to receive them when I’m following up with customers I’ve done estimates for. Text Request removes that hassle with their efficient group messaging system. You just click your template, select the group that needs to receive it, and hit send.

I also love that Text Requests gives me additional tools to make my texts look professional. One of my favorite features is the ability to add my logo to every conversation. All the things you get are incredibly worth the price point!

Not everyone has time for a call or email, but they do have time to engage with a short text. Text Request makes sending that short text a fast, easy, and professional process.

Jon Flynt

After 26 years in senior management roles, I decided I wanted to be self employed at my own business. So I acquired the rights to four geographic territories in the DFW Metroplex of the N Hance Wood Renewal franchise, which I now operate as Wood Renewal of DFW, Inc. My primary background is in real estate, and I’ve always been drawn to the residential industry.

Fun Facts:
  • My team paints the doors on cabinets separate from the rest of the unit, so they get the best coat, plus the parts that don't need to be painted are protected.
  • My contractors are fluent in Spanish!
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