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Rock Creek Insurance

Rock Creek Insurance is an independent property and casualty insurance agency serving clients in the Greater Chattanooga, Tennessee area. We offer prompt, professional service and are committed to protecting what’s most important to you—your family, your home, and your business. We help you find the Auto, Home, Business, and Life Insurance products that best fit your needs at the most competitive price. Let us do the hard work for you!
Chattanooga, TN
Years In Business
  • Our number of customer referrals has drastically increased since using Text Request.
Case Study

My husband and I moved to Chattanooga to build Rock Creek Insurance from the ground up. We’re a small agency, which is great because I love getting my hands into every aspect of the business. I do everything from sales, to marketing, to customer interactions, and I also maintain relationships with our insurance carriers. 

Chattanooga is so friendly and welcoming, we didn’t feel like strangers at all when we first moved. Our clients in Chattanooga are really relational, and catering to their desire to get to know us on a personal level has significantly contributed to the growth of our business (and set us apart from our competitors). Our goal at Rock Creek is to create raving fans by giving them that personal and convenient touch. 

We realized that to offer that kind of customer experience, we needed our clients to be able to interact with us whenever it’s best for them—even if that means on the weekends or at midnight. And we knew the easiest way to give them that access was through texting.

At first, we tried texting clients from our personal phones, but we quickly noticed we had no way to track who was talking to whom and when. We also had no way to know whether or not a conversation with a client had been resolved, or if they still needed a question answered. That’s when we started researching texting solutions and came across Text Request. 

We were immediately drawn to how Text Request’s user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for us to stay compliant by saving and time-stamping every message we send. We also love how we can mark a conversation as unread, so we can identify which clients still need to be circled back to. This makes it incredibly easy for us to use Text Request, not only for customer questions, but also for service work.

There’s a lot of information we have to request from clients when we’re putting together documents, and we often need that information from multiple clients at once. With Text Request, we can easily select each of the clients we need information from in our address book and send them pre-made templates requesting that information. Customers respond within just a few minutes to these texts, compared to the couple of days we’d have to wait if we’d asked via email.

We also use Text Request to attract new customers through text referrals. Our current clients love being able to shoot a quick text to their friends and family who may also want to use us. We have an online portal where those referrals can supply us with the five to eight minutes worth of information we need to get quotes started for them. We text our referrals that link, and then they fill it out during a short break at work. We’ve seen huge growth in the number of people requesting quotes from us since implementing that process through Text Request. 

Texting clients can feel casual, but we’ve found it’s a serious form of communication that connects you with your clients in a more personal and instant way. If you’re going to dip your toes into communicating with your clients via text, Text Request helps you do it professionally and compliantly. 

Christina Nuar

My husband and I moved to Chattanooga three years ago from the D.C. area to start our own independent insurance agency. I have over a decade of experience in property & casualty insurance, on both the corporate side and on the independent agent side. I absolutely love living in Chattanooga, and my husband and I are excited to keep watching how the city grows economically.

Fun Facts:
  • Our agency is a husband and wife duo.
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